Insurance Arrangements

From Aug.10 to 12, 2010, headed by Dr. Suddle, the delegation consisting of 6 members of SUPARCO and its Canadian consultant company Telesat, attended the conference on the PakSat-1R insurance arrangements organized by CGWIC.

From Jan. 17 to 19, 2011, a conference dedicated for giving presentation on the PakSat-1R and NIGCOMSAT-1R’s insurance was held in Beijing. Besides the customers of the PakSat-1R and NIGCOMSAT-1R, the participants also included representatives of 29 insurers from the international aerospace insurance business circle and 150 representatives from 19 Chinese insurance companies.

On June 6 to 10, 2011, the final conference on PakSat-1R launch’s insurance arrangements was held in London. This conference decided on the international and domestic insurance shares for the satellite launching and the on-track operation of the first year, the insurance rates as well as the terms and conditions.

On July 1, the arrangements on the insurance for the pre-launch of PakSat-1R/Carrier Rocket and the liability insurance were finalized.

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