PakSat-1R is designed and manufactured by China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC). It is a commercial communications satellite based on Dong Fang Hong4 satellite platform, with 30 transponders onboard, including 12 C and 18 Ku transponders. To meet the complicated coverage requirements, PakSat-1R has 3 shaped communications antennas, covering South Asian Sub-continent, the Middle East, East Africa and part of Western European area and cities. Satellite lift-off mass is around 5115KG and it will be positioned at an orbital slot of 38 Degree East. The satellite service life is 15 years and the output power of the satellite at the end of service life is 7.75KW. Customer Furnished Items developed by SUPARCO are also on-board PakSat-1R to verify the Customers’ satellite development capability. Moreover, PakSat-1R is equipped with Antenna Pointing Mechanism (APM) to adjust the antenna orientation.

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