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  Venezuelan Remote Sensing Satellite (VRSS-1)

The VRSS-1 satellite is designed and manufactured by DFH Satellite Co. Ltd., China Academy of Space (CAST), a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC). It is an optical remote sensing satellite based on CAST2000 satellite platform. The satellite will run in  639km SSO above the earth, the period around the earth will be 97 minutes. The service life of the satellite will be five (5) years.

The VRSS-1 satellite is a remote sensing satellite that will operate in the Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO). The satellite was named as “ Satélite Miranda” by President Hugo Chavez, in memorizing General Francisco de Miranda, the pioneer of the Venezuela independence.

The VRSS-1 satellite will be the first remote sensing satellite of Venezuela. It will be mainly used for resource investigation, environment protection, disaster monitoring and management, crops yield estimation and urban planning, etc. It will play a significant role in developing national economy, improving the people’s livelihood as well as promoting social progress.


Semi-major Axis Eccentricity Inclination
7010.6411km 0 98.0063
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